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Silk Press FAQ

What is a "Silk Press"?

My silk press is a thermal hair straightening method in which your hair is first infused with a thermal protectant and then flat ironed straight using the appropriate level of heat.  It results in shiny, bouncy and straight hair that is not weighed down by oil.  It will also leave your hair feeling silkier than the traditional flat iron technique.

How long does a Silk Press last?

Your silk press normally lasts two weeks with proper maintenance.  To ensure long lasting results, be sure to keep hair wrapped as much as possible to avoid contact with moisture.  If the hair comes in contact with any moisture from water, sweat or humidity, it will begin to revert back to its natural state.

Can anyone get a Silk Press?

Yes a good silk press can make any hair texture look relaxed.

Can a Silk Press damage my hair?

If you are fearful of heat damage, a silk press is not something you should have done often as heat does alter your curl pattern and if you don't protect your hair, it can lead to permanent damage.  Of all the ways you can straighten your hair, this is the one that will cause the least harm to your tresses as a one time thing as opposed to chemical services.  The use of heat is not a bad thing and if used correctly your hair will be absolutely fine.  You can use heat, just don't abuse heat.

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