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Are You Conditioning Your Hair Correctly?


PRO Tip ⠀

Don't apply conditioner to sopping-wet hair. If your hair is too wet, the product slides off and can't penetrate or coat the strands. Be sure to wring out your hair before applying conditioner.⠀

Use the correct amount. The amount of conditioner you use depends on your hair type and length. ⠀

Apply the product to the ends of your hair only. Focus on the oldest, most damaged sections. Using conditioner on the scalp and roots can lead to over-conditioning. (Yes, there is such a thing)⠀

Distribute the product evenly. Use a wide-toothed comb after application to ensure every strand of hair has been treated.⠀

Allow the conditioner to absorb. Your wait time depends on the type of product you use. A rinse-out conditioner only needs a minute or two to absorb, whereas a deep conditioning treatment takes much longer.⠀

Rinse thoroughly. Rinse until your hair feels fully clean and there's no slippery texture to your hair.⠀

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